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As you might be aware, there is an opportunity to provide a Community Hall and a Village Green for the parish.


Westhampnett does already have access to a hall at the March School in Claypit Lane.  But it has been found that this hall does have limitations for community use. The school’s hall is not available during school time, has limited kitchen facilities, very poor acoustics and little storage. The possibility of altering the school hall to make good these deficiencies has been considered but found not feasible.


The Parish Council have been working very hard to finalise the transfer of land within the Roman Walk development. This is to be used for the Village Green and the Community Hall, and the Parish Council will own the site freehold. This site is reasonably central to Westhampnett and Maudlin, and accessible from Westerton, and there will be some parking for the Hall.


The proposed building will be a large meeting Hall with a properly appointed kitchen and toilet facilities. This could be used for the meetings of the various groups that currently use the school hall and would provide the location for much wider use by the community such as mother and toddler coffee mornings, pilates classes, exhibitions etc.  As the population of Westhampnett will have doubled in less than 10 years the need is there for such a facility for the parish. It is proposed that parish and outside groups will be able to hire the facilities, thus generating income for the Hall. 


Whilst the final negotiations on the transfer of this site progress, the Parish Council is continuing to build up a fund towards the building and fitting out costs, utilising New Homes Bonus (NHB) monies that are available from developments in the Parish and also from Developers' Contributions (Section 106/CiL monies) that will be generated by new house-building in the area.


Last Updated 04/01/18