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Westhampnett HWRS Fire 2nd March

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service hope to reopen the site on Saturday, this will be confirmed in the next day or two.

Bognor and Littlehampton HWRSs will be open through the week.

Report from WSFRS, who were called to a fire in the Westhampnett Household Waste and Recycling Site at around 6pm yesterday evening. Crews from Chichester Fire Station arrived to find approximately 200 tonnes of general household waste alight.

Joint Fire Control had proactively sent 4 fire engines in response to the original call. These were adequate to stabilise the fire quickly and save a number of nearby lorries and items of heavy plant. The fire is being contained rather than extinguished at the present time in order to avoid run off affecting the adjacent lake.

The fire is contained in an open bay of general household waste and no buildings are involved. The smoke is dispersing to the East, there having been light westerly winds overnight and forecast for today. This is taking the plume towards Tangmere.

The site is closed to the public on Tuesdays. There is no apparent impact on services or local roads, CDC depot or local businesses etc. The adjacent travellers site was not occupied but would probably have been unaffected due to the wind direction.

The cause is unknown, CCTV footage is being checked.

WSFRS advise that they expect to be able to extinguish the fire more quickly than the incident 11 months ago when the fire was within the main shed and involved more refuse.


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