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What we do

Page last updated: 6 Jan 2020

Westhampnett Parish Council is an elected body forming the first tier of Local Government.

The Parish Council has the same powers as a Town Council, and both are sometimes knows as “Local Councils”.

The Council comprises nine members, acting rather like the Board of a Company.  All Councillors work on a voluntary basis.  No Councillor has the right to act individually; the authority of the Council comes from the body as a whole.  The Clerk, as the Proper Officer of the Council in law, has a number of specific duties and responsibilities in executing the resolutions of the Council and advising on points of law and procedure.

On this site we will:

  • Make our activities on your behalf more open.

  • Encourage more people to attend our Parish Council Meetings.

  • Most importantly, give you an idea of what your Parish Council does on your behalf, including what we spend your money on.

The Parish Council meets monthly.  Meetings are held at the Community Hall, Hadrian Drive, Westhampnett, PO18 0FP. 

The meetings are open to the public and all residents are welcome to attend.  The dates of the meetings and the agendas are posted on the Parish Council notice boards and on this website.

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